Speaker/ Demo Information

We are seeking industry experts to present EQUINE related topics that meet the current interests and needs of horse enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines. The opportunity to participate as a speaker at our events offers many advantages. Consider the following…


  • Speaking directly to large audiences of enthusiastic horse owners attracts attention to your products and/or services giving you the distinct advantage of increasing traffic flow to your exhibit booth
  • All speakers and their sessions are listed in the schedule; featured on the website; listed in the Show Guide along with a biography and photo; and properly acknowledged when introduced before each of his/her sessions

Potential Topics

The basic requirements for all speakers are simple:

  • The presentation topic must be interesting, specific, and unique
  • The presentation must be educational in nature; not just serve as an endorsement or advertisement for a product or service
  • The presentation title should be creative and interesting

Speaker Qualifications

Speakers featured at the event must be:

  • Speaking spots are only available for current exhibitors of the expo
  • Qualified to speak on the topic specified and must be able to provide his/her credentials
  • Comfortable speaking before a large audience and an effective communicator
  • Able to provide a professional, polished presentation that is suitable for all members of the audience including children

Guidelines for Presenters

  • Please note that the presentations or demonstrations must be conducted in a professional manner, and presenters should refrain from making any type of comments or remarks that are derogatory against any other exhibitors and/or their products
  • The presenter must, at all times, take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees, participants and animals
  • The presenter shall ensure that they sign the waiver at the back of this application package, and any assistants or handlers of any horses on the facility grounds also sign a Liability Waiver
  • The recording and/or filming of presentations is not allowed
  • The Mane Event has the final decision on what topics and the number of sessions awarded to each Speaker/Demonstrator. This application must be completed in it’s entirety to be considered


    Please fill out and submit your application by September 6th, 2019. If you have any questions, please call (844) 578-7518.

    2019 Speaker/ Demo Application

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