Non-Profit or Association Booth Information

Rental of a non-profit or Association booth includes an 8’ high back wall and 4’ high side draped walls, 750 watts of power, exhibitor passes*, an alphabetical listing in the show guide, and a categorical listing on our website.

Please Note: Sharing or Subleasing of space is prohibited. No product or display is to be higher than 4’ on side walls as per diagram below.

*You will be allotted your choice of 4 weekend passes or 10 single day passes, which ever works best for you. Everyone working your booth or handling horses during the expo Friday to Sunday will require a pass to enter. You can purchase extra passes, if needed, prior to the show, during move-in.

Table & chairs are NOT supplied and must be supplied by exhibitor or you can rent from show decorator. Parking passes are not included.

Please note that the selling of any breeding, horses or products from the Non-profit/ Association booths is not allowed. If you would like to do this you will need to complete the Commercial Booth application.

Stalls for the horses and extra passes should be booked by October 5, 2020.

Fill Out Non-Profit & Association Booth Agreement Here

2020 Non-Profit or Association Booth Agreement

Breed Demonstrations

Please note riders participating in the Breed demonstrations will require a day or a weekend pass; these can come out of the passes allotted to your booth or you can purchase extras in advance or at the Rider Check-in Trailer on-site, or at the doors. Also, everyone must ensure that they sign a Liability Waiver prior to participating, these are available at the Rider Check-in Trailer or we can send you a copy by email in advance.

Friday and Saturday Afternoon Best of the Breeds:

As we’ve had such wonderful support from the breed associations and groups we have decided to showcase the breeds Friday and Saturday afternoon in the Best of the Breeds instead of the evening Equine Experience. This show will be 30 – 45 minutes in length in the Main Arena. Horses can be under saddle, in hand or driven. If you supply a script our announcer will read it for you, you can also supply music that will be played while you display your horses. This is intended to allow breed groups to show the multi-disciplinary aspects of their breed. If your breed group has a drill team or a demo in costume this is the place for you to showcase your horses. Each demonstration should be 3 – 4 minutes in length maximum. Groups will be listed by their breed name. An Order of Go will be put together.

Saturday Night Equine Experience:

Breed groups wanting to participate in the Saturday Night Equine Experiences must submit a DVD or send a YouTube link to be approved. The Equine Experience is for rehearsed acts set to music. Please note that there is limited time/space available for the Equine Experience and we like to keep it fast paced and exciting for the audience. Each act should be a maximum of 3 – 4 minutes. Please provide a title for your act so that we can list it correctly in the Show Guide.

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