Julie Veloo – Mongolian Horse Trekking

Julie Veloo, the Vice-President of Veloo Foundation and an avid endurance rider in Mongolia, was a latecomer to the passion of riding, learning to ride in Mongolia just 8 years ago at the age of 50. Since then she has logged in excess of 30,000 kilometers on horseback and is proud to be an associate member of the Long Riders’ Guild and, with Baagii & Saraa of Horse Trek Mongolia, the co-founder of the longest annual charity horseback ride on the planet. The Gobi Gallop. Through her horseback riding adventures, Julie has raised in excess of $600,000 USD to benefit the Mongolian children who scavenge in the garbage dumps to survive and has used that money in the operations of two kindergartens ( each for 150 children), the Soaring Crane Summer camp for 300 children and a number of other charity initiatives.

Julie is currently organizing the astonishing 82-day 3,600 km Blue Wolf Totem Ride across Mongolia set for spring 2021 which will see 15 lucky riders crossing the Gobi, then heading across the famed Mongolian steppe, up into the wild arboreal taiga and finishing in the soaring Altai mountains. This ride, focusing on all the natural beauty that is Mongolia and the entire story, and history of Mongolia, is certain to go down as one of the longest and certainly one of the most epic charity rides ever held.

Julie also organizes (and rides!) a variety of less extreme charity rides throughout Mongolia which take her and her guests up to visit the Tsaatan, the last reindeer riders, over to meet the Kazakh Eagle hunters and across vast swaths of the Mongolian countryside.

Prior to the madness of long-distance riding & building and running kindergartens, summer camps, sewing centres, libraries and community outreach programs, Julie was an English teacher, a realtor and a passionately engaged stay at home mom.

More information about Julie’s charity rides can be found at www.horsetrekmongolia.com Information about her charity work can be found at http://www.veloofoundation.com/ On social media @HTMongolia and @VelooFoundation