Colin Schmidt – Stablebuzz

Colin Schmidt, CEO of Wisebox Solutions, has been creating software for the equestrian sport since the mid-90s. He also grew up on a horse ranch in Chilliwack BC; managing the family business during his high school years. After being introduced to vaulting in the late 80s, he started to compete internationally for Canada in 1995 and competed at each of the World Equestrian Games from 1998 through 2010. Along the way, Colin founded VaultCanada as part of the restructuring of Equine Canada, was an EC board member and Sport Council member, and chaired EC’s high performance committee to a maximum term of six years. As the master course conductor for the vaulting trainer program across Canada, the initial author of EC’s Rookie Rider program, and an EC national judge, Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to share on the state of the equestrian community. We will discuss how to not only preserve but grow this impactful and life-changing sport in today’s society