Friday Night Youth ProAm Competition Winner

Youth ProAm winners Jessica Meikle and Garn Walker.
Youth ProAm winners Jessica Meikle and Garn Walker.

Last night The Mane Event Chilliwack crowd was entertained by the Youth ProAm Competition. Six youth riders were matched up with a professional trainer to compete in a timed 15 obstacle course. The youth riders rode through seven-obstacles while the trainers went through eight obstacles. The youth have worked with their horses prior to the event, but for the professionals, it was the first time on their partner’s horse. After the youth completed the course their partner had one minute to adjust the saddle and get ready to go. For some of our trainers dropping the stirrups was easier said than done, two professionals decided it would be easier to compete with one long one short stirrup. If a rider was unable to get their horse to complete an obstacle a time penalty was applied.

Youth Rider Jessica Meikle came to compete. Her and professional trainer Garn Walker were the fastest team of the night with a time of just under six minutes. This duo finished the course without any penalties added to their time. Jessica wowed the crowd with her speed and confidence maneuvering the obstacles. This challenge allows the youth riders a unique opportunity to work with the professionals.

The Youth ProAm Competition combines the speed and agility of the youth and the wisdom of the professionals. This fun competition saw Warwick Schiller run through the water box obstacle to avoid a penalty, youth rider’s complete challenges they’ve never done before and lots of horse and rider personality.