Final Videos from Mane Event Chilliwack 2011

Videos from the Trainers Challenge, interviews with clinicians, and more:

Hugh McLennan announces the champion of the Trainers Challenge. Link: 

2011 Trainers Challenge Champion Kade Mills is congratulated by his father, Doug Mills, a previous Trainers Challenge Champion. Link:

The three judges comment on what they saw over the three days of the Trainers Challenge. Link: 

An excerpt from Kade Mills’ working with his horse in the final challenge. Link: 

Hugh McLennan and Jeff Petska open the services at Cowboy Church. Link: 

Jeff Petska conducts the service at Cowboy Church. Link:

Cowboy Church ends with poetry from Hugh McLennan. Link: 

Interview with Jonathan Field, Liberty Trainer. Link: 

Exhibitor Deborah Strong talks about her artwork. Link:

Interview with Extreme Trail clinician Mark Bolender. Link: 

Interview with reining clinician Jeff Petska. Link:

Mark Sheridan conducts a trail clinic. Link: 

Interview with Horsemanship clinician Mark Sheridan. Link: