Our challenge would not be the high quality that it is without the high standards that our judges bring to the event. We are honored to have the Following judges for our Chilliwack event:

Russel Clemitson

Russell is a fifth generation born and bred cowboy. He was raised on his families working cattle ranch, out of Westwold, BC. Where he and his wife now live and are raising their four children in the ranching way of life.

Russell had a keen eye for horses at a young age. He was riding before he was walking. He then started training horses at the age 15. When he graduated high school he left home and went to work at Douglas lake ranch and spent some time in Alberta cowboying too. He then move back to Douglas lake Ranch and work for a period of time. This is where he meet his wife and they then planted roots back at the home place.

Russell’s has been very active in the ranch rodeo circuit and competed In many ranch horse competitions  with a couple of titles under his belt. He trains all the ranch horses and take outside horses in too. He has been a judge at the Top Hand ranch rodeo for seven years. He is very pleased and honoured to be here at Main Event.

Miles Kingdon

From his earliest cowboying days almost 40 years ago on the vast Canadian prairie pasture lands of the PFRA, to British Columbia’s historic big cow outfits, Miles Kingdon has certainly worn out his share of custom saddles.  His formative years spent at AQHA award-winning Douglas Lake Ranch under such respected horsemen as Stan Murphy and cattlemen Mike Ferguson and Orval Roulston, set the stage for later lead-off positions at large established commercial ranches in the Nicola Valley.

Notably, Miles held cowboss positions on the Bar K and the Gang Ranch (under well-known manager Larry Ramstad); he was the manager at Empire Valley Ranch, and eventually served ten years as manager of cattle operations at  Quilchena Cattle Company near Merritt, B.C.

The geographical diversity of these big outfits, from rough desert river breaks to sensitive bunchgrass valleys; from endless sections of golden prairie grassland, to the unique grazing found above British Columbia’s timberline, has provided Miles with a true cowboy’s grasp of practical horsemanship and livestock handling in all weather conditions, in all possible circumstances.

Miles bases his philosophy of helping horses through the historic and traditional California style applied horsemanship. In addition to the clinics, camps and workshops, Miles also offers a customized training program. It is throughout these 40 years in the industry that Miles has recognized the true meaning of an equine partnership built on trust, confidence and respect.

Mark Grafton

Mark’s relationship with horses began at an early age. His Dad used to joke that the stud horse was Mark’s baby sitter because Mark’s mom would hang him in a Paiute cradle board from the saddle horn of the stud horse who would look after him. Since then Mark has always been most comfortable in the saddle.

Mark’s early horsemanship training began at an early age as his father, a buckaroo and US Cavalry horse trainer passed down the heritage and style of the Great Basin Buckaroo to Mark. Mark honed his skills in stockmanship and horsemanship riding colts and working cattle from the bush of the Central Interior of BC to the deserts of California. He has always been keen to grow with the traditions and knowledge learned from great horsemen and stockmen along the way.

Mark spent 35 years running the Bar K Ranch in the Central Interior of BC with his family raising good cattle and horses and a couple handy sons. As Mark’s ability to communicate with horses became apparent he became in demand helping people and trainers with difficult horses. Mark is also called on to do colt starting demos, horsemanship and stockmanship clinics.

Mark has been a judge at the Mane Event “Trainers Challenge “ for over a decade and also works as a judge at other horse and livestock events.

Mark has always enjoyed mentoring young cowboys and cowgirls helping them develop the skills to carry on the traditions passed down to him.

A highlight of Marks career was to be inducted into the BC Cowboy hall of Fame in 2017.



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