Horses of the Trainers Challenge

Rocking Heart Ranch is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, adjacent to Waterton Lakes National Park. Started back in 1905 the ranch was founded in Saskatchewan by our great grandpa Joshua. Horses have played an integral role in the ranch since day one and they had to have two main characteristics; versatility and dependability.  Those core values are still the foundation of the ranch today.   In 1986, James and Angel Garner decided to seize the opportunity and move the ranching operation to its current location where they currently raise American Quarter Horses and had raised Black Angus and Texas Longhorn cattle.  Working alongside them is their daughter and son-in-law; Melody Garner-Skiba and Doug Skiba along with their grand kids.  
Rocking Heart Ranch is committed to raising versatile and dependable horses that can be used on the ranch, taken out on the trail, into the rodeo, or the show ring. The focus has always been on horses that the whole family can enjoy and utilize.  Blood lines focus on good minds, sound build and go back to the greats like Hancock, Two Eyed Jack, Peppy San, and Frenchmans Guy to name a few.  Every year, Rocking Heart Ranch holds a Colt Starting Challenge where they partner three year old horses with up and coming trainers to help promote the industry and provide horse enthusiasts with the opportunity to purchase a well started colt.   We are pleased to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all sales, 15% discount for 4-H and pony club members, and in-house financing on purchases over $4,000.  This is all part of us living up to our ranch motto; Where reputation and foundation matter. In addition to the horses, Rocking Heart Ranch is also home to RHR Construction and Aggregate Sales and Heaven on Earth Estates, a group country residential development.  In 2017, a wildfire destroyed most of the ranch, so the family is currently in the process of rebuilding all the buildings but plan on being around for many more generations raising solid started and well minded American Quarter Horses.

We are proud to have the horse of Rocking Heart Ranch Ltd as part of our Trainers Challenge!

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RHR Hollywood Lena RHR Sunfrost Ames RHR Survivor Hancock

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