2018 Trainers Challenge

The Trainers Challenge is an unique opportunity to see 3 trainers put their skills to work to show the public their abilities and methods of training an unbroke horse. This is NOT the way these trainers would normally start a colt, what they do in the 3 days of the Challenge they might take 30 – 60 days or more to get the horse really working well at all of the different skills they are training into the colts. This Challenge is meant to be a venue to educate the public that there are more than one or two ways that you can start a colt and succeed at getting a quiet broke horse.

The format will have 3 – Trainers, 3 – Horses and 3 – Judges. The trainers are progressing far quicker than they normally would always keeping the horses best interest at heart.

The judging at this challenge is based 10% on the horse, 60% on the trainer’s ability to train the horse and 30% on the trainer’s ability to educate the attendees. So the trainer that gets his/her horse to do the most or does a better presentation at the finals won’t necessarily win. The winner of the challenge will be the trainer that can achieve the highest success with both the horse & the spectators.


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Hugh McLennan


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Past Trainers Challenge Champions

  • 2017Ben Baldus, Dan Keen, Severin Pederson
  • 2016 – Ed Dabney, Evan Bonner, TJ Clibborn
  • 2015 – David Simons, Glenn Stewart, Sonny Garguilo
  • 2014 – Brandi Lyons, Scott Purdum, Dale Clearwater
  • 2013 – Paul Clarkson, Kerry Kuhn, Cayley Wilson
  • 2012 – Kyle Mills, Dan Steers, Jenny Sherbo
  • 2011 – Jon Ensign, Kade Mills, Steve Rother
  • 2010 – Josh Lyons, Doug Mills, Mike Kevil
  • 2009 – Ken McNabb, Jon Ensign, Martin Black
  • 2008 – Ken McNabb, Doug Mills, Charles Whilhelm
  • 2007Doug Mills, Steve Rother, Van Hargis
  • 2006 – Craig Cameron, Doug Mills, Ken McNabb
  • 2005 – Chris Irwin, Doug Mills, Jay 0’Jay