Ride With Our Clinicians

View More: http://sheilaarmstrongphotography.pass.us/mane-event-2016 As the clinicians provide clinics not just demos at the show we need riders that are interested in improving their skills in their specific discipline (Dressage, Jumping, Reining, Driving, Horsemanship etc.) The clinicians that we require riders for are listed below and beside them is information on what the clinician will be working on and what skills they will require. If you have the desire to ride and improve we invite you to apply by September 23, 2019.


Rider Application Clinics Accepting Riders

We are looking for riders for the following Clinicians:

  • Jeff Cook – Jumping
  • Jaimey Irwin – Dressage
  • Dana Hokana – Horsemanship
  • Trevor Mertes – Horsemanship
  • Jeff Morse – Driving
  • Kim Peterson – Working Equitation
  • Debbie Cooper – Ranch Riding
  • Miles Kingdon – Stockmanship

Stalling Information:

If you require a stall for the day or the weekend they are available at a cost of $40.00 plus GST for a day stall (8:00 am – 10:00 pm same day any overnight stalls will be considered two days) or $90.00 plus GST for the weekend stall (Friday at 9:00 am – Sunday at 6:00 pm, or Monday morning if required). As there are a limited number of stalls available they must be booked and paid for in advance.

If you require stalling for a longer period of time than Friday through Sunday please contact our office to make arrangements. Stall Deposits (separate cheques) are $25.00 per stall and must be paid at the time of booking, these will be returned after the stall is cleaned and inspected or if payment is made by credit card, your credit card number will be kept on file and charged if your stall is left dirty. Please note that Haul-ins are welcome and there is no charge for this.

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