Is my dog allowed at the Mane Event?

What does my general admission ticket provide?

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

What does my VIP Trainers Challenge ticket include?

Is there a fee for parking at Heritage Park?

Is there food available on the grounds for purchase?

Is filming of the clinics allowed?

How do I apply to ride in the clinic sessions?

If I am accepted into a clinic how will I know?

Do you have arrangements with local hotels for special pricing?

Do you run shuttles from the local hotels?

How do I book camping?

Are events held indoors?

Do you offer group pricing for tickets?

Should I purchase a Guaranteed Seating ticket for the Youth Pro-Am Competition or Equine Experience?

What is the duration of the Youth Pro-Am and Equine Experience?

Who is performing in the Equine Experience this year?

How far is Heritage Park in Chilliwack from the Vancouver International airport?

Do you have hay and/or bedding available on the grounds for purchase?

Will there be wash bays available for me to wash my horse?